Project Description

Project Description

Project acronym: Adapt2Change
Project full title: Adapt agricultural production to climate change and limited water supply
Grant agreement no: LIFE09 ENV/GR/000296


Environment Policy & Governance

The overall objective of the project is:

To demonstrate the ability to adapt agricultural production to climate change and limited water supply.

Project Purpose:

Water shortage and water pollution is an environmental threat affecting large parts of EU. Climate change is expected to increase water shortage. Proposed project introduces an innovative approach to minimize water demand in agricultural sector and reduce energy demand and diffuse pollution by agriculture. This innovative approach may be implemented all over EU because it is based on shallow geothermal energy abundant everywhere. Project provides to stakeholders means to battle water shortage in a sustainable way, re insuring agricultural production.

The objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • Minimize fresh water use for agricultural production and introduce water recycling method in a close greenhouse system.
  • Demonstrate how shallow geothermal energy may be used in water recycling process.
  • Introduce renewable energy in agricultural sector.
  • Produce a management automation system for greenhouse maximization production.
  • Comply with reformed CAP by:
    • Improving the competitiveness of European farmers enabling them to cope with the growing water scarcity, fuel prices and external competition.
    • Improving the competitiveness of rural areas.
    • Maintaining the environment and preserve Europe's rural heritage.
    • Evaluation of projects findings on water recycling in agriculture on national agricultural policy. (Greece - Cyprus)
  • Minimize land requirements for agriculture.
  • Minimize environmental effects of agriculture.
  • To decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases and to assist the farmers to comply with current and upcoming environmental regulations.
  • Adapt agricultural production practices to the constraints and opportunities of a changing climate.
  • Farm-level adaptation
  • Sectoral-level adaptation
  • Demonstrate a production system suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Provide to producers a Remote Support System.

The Adapt2Change consortium comprises 5 partners from 2 EU member states. It includes 3 Universities, 1 Research Centre and 1 SME. Together they provide the range of key skills, knowledge and experience required to define, develop, implement and exploit the results of the project.

For the whole duration of the project (72 months from the 1st of September 2010), the Adapt2Change consortium will exchange their expertise by meetings and workshops. At the end of the project a prototype greenhouse product will finally be issued.

For more information on the project Adapt2Change and the other granted projects, please see the Project Overview Presentation(Adapt2Change.pdf).