Practical Guide for Greenhouse (Draft Version)

Practical Guide for Greenhouse (Draft Version)

The Practical guide for the greenhouse and the water recycling system design and implementation provides necessary information for the greenhouse managers and future investors that may want to implement an identical project in the future. Through the presentation of technical information regarding the design of the prototype system, the environmental impact, the technical and safety audits, this guide provides information to aid the involved personnel in the control of the constructed systems. The supporting tables and lists that frame the report aim primarily at monitoring the establishments and facilitating the visual inspection of the greenhouse structures and equipment.

The developed auditing methodology, techniques and checklists are designed to facilitate the monitoring of the quality of the establishments and to provide the greenhouse managers with the tools and opportunity to improve their establishments.

The guide provides the current greenhouse managers/inspectors and engineers along with the future investors with background information for apprehending and inspecting this type of prototype - closed type - greenhouse premises, focusing on the sound operation of their subsystems and providing solid tools for identifying any discrepancies from the technical specifications that can lead to a subsystem failure jeopardizing the overall project implementation.

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Practical Guide for Greenhouse Final Draft Version